Out-of-network Plans:

we can submit reimbursements for thesE insurance companies

  • VSP

  • EyeMeD

  • Cigna

  • Davis VisioN

  • Please ask if not listed

In-Network Plans:

We Directly Bill TheSE Insurance companies

  • Aetna

  • Asuris

  • First Choice Health

  • Lifewise

  • Lifewise UW GRAD STUDENTS*

  • Premera

  • Regence

  • Uniform


  • Make sure that you have vision insurance and not just medical insurance from the provider listed above.

  • Ask if your insurer is not listed.

  • Ask Questions about your insurance. Text/Call 206.880.0456 (knowing the name of your insurer or taking a pic of your insurance card and texting it is always helpful).

    *Lifewise UW Graduate Plan
    This plan will cost patients an estimated $10 out of pocket and $75 for exam fees. It is more for contact lens exams as they do not cover contact lens evaluations ($40/50/60 depending on type of fitting).

    • For example a UW Grad Student with contact lenses would pay $10 copay plus a $40 contact lens evaluation fee for a total of $50 in-store. There insurance only pays up to $60 of the exam so they would be responsible for the remainder ($145 - $10 copay - $60 insurance = $75)

Vision Insurance Is Confusing

First, please understand vision insurance can get very complicated.  Several companies give their employees health insurance plans, but then either offer no vision insurance, or carve-out the vision insurance, subcontracting with a separate provider like VSP or EyeMed (learn how EyeMed is part of Luxottica, the vision monopoly, by watching this 13 minute clip for 60 Minutes).  Many times we hear prospective patients say, “I Have Great Insurance!” when they really mean their insurance companies have great marketing campaigns. Great benefits pay providers - these other companies pay below Medicaid and Medicare rates. We suggest you read your insurance card carefully, speak to the benefits coordinator at your company, and call your insurance provider to verify your benefits prior to your appointment.

Second, even if you do all of the above, you still may need to pay money out of pocket.  Some insurance contracts state that certain services, such as contact lens fittings, are not covered services.  This is often why patients receive a balance due bill a month or two after an appointment. We are always here to help explain the bill so please ask when you have questions.

Finally, understand we are trying to work with you to get your benefits covered to a maximum at our office. Every detail of your insurance contract is important so getting us information prior to your appointment is essential. Even if we find you are out-of-network we will file your e-reimbursement for you if we can (via getpatch.com - a free service for our patients). Thank you for choosing C Fast Optometry!