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Contact Lenses in Seattle & Bellingham, WA

We pride ourselves on providing uniquely independent eye care with our patients’ best interests at heart. No matter the reason for your visit, we want to make sure you’re receiving the excellent care we’re known for, and that applies to contact lens wearers the same as anyone else. At C Fast Optometry, we provide an up-to-date contact lens prescription, access to a variety of top-quality contact lens brands, and overall healthy eyes — and, we’ll spend however long it takes to make sure those needs are met.

What Makes Contact Lens Exams Different?

Every C Fast eye exam starts out the same way: using our advanced technology, we’ll generate a precise prescription and get an accurate picture of your eye health. At C Fast Optometry, we’re led by Christina Fast, O.D., an experienced, Seattle eye doctor who’s dedicated to providing high-quality care to each and every patient.

While all of our exams are equally thorough, contact lens exams differ from exams for glasses and comprehensive eye health checks. Because contact lenses sit on the surface of your eyes, rather than a short distance away from them, they require a slightly different type of refraction to adjust your vision. This means the prescription used to correct your vision using contact lenses is slightly different from your vision prescription for glasses.

Eye doctor performing contact lens exam at C Fast Optometry

What to Expect at Your Seattle & Bellingham Contact Lens Exam

During a C Fast contact lens exam, we’ll start by screening you for any eye diseases or other potential issues that could stand between you and clear vision — with special attention paid to anything that may keep you from being a good candidate for contact lenses. Even if you’ve worn contacts comfortably in the past, new conditions can arise that may need to be assessed or treated before you can safely continue using this type of corrective eyewear.

Putting in contact lens from C Fast Optometry

Contact Lens Fittings

After finding the right contact lens prescription and making sure you can safely wear contacts, our opticians will help you select a contact lens product. The priority is to find contact lenses that sit comfortably on your eyes and stay in place. If you’ve worn a particular brand and style in the past, we’re happy to help you continue with what works best for you.

Putting in contact lens from C Fast Optometry

Contact Lenses Offered at
C Fast Optometry

We offer in-store purchases and online ordering for a wide variety of contact lens products. We’ll fit and order a range of contact lens modalities from every manufacturer, including top brands like Bausch + Lomb, Acuvue, Alcon, and Coopervision.

If you purchase your contacts and decide you’d like a pair of glasses as well, you’re in luck! We share a space with Eyes on Fremont, Seattle’s top choice for hand-picked, independent eyewear.

Contacts Lenses and Contact Lens Exams at C Fast Optometry

Our mission is to provide high-quality eye care, and we’ll always take the time to make sure it’s done right. With us, you’ll get an exceptional eye care experience, whether you’re visiting us for a new prescription or to stay on top of your eye health.

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