We are open and seeing patients! For our current office policies and protocols regarding COVID-19, click here!

We are open and seeing patients! For COVID-19 updates, click here!

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Seattle, WA

There are plenty of options for eye exams out there, but far fewer that show patients the commitment they deserve — an eye exam should be more than what gets written down on a prescription pad.

At C Fast Optometry, we seek to provide uniquely independent eye care that considers your entire eye, from vision to health and everything in between. For us, that starts with a comprehensive eye exam.

Experienced Seattle Eye Doctor

Eye exam room
Dr. Christina

Dr. Christina Fast, O.D.

Our team is led by Christina Fast, O.D., an experienced eye doctor with a diverse background and expertise. No matter which members of the C Fast team you interact with during your time in our office, we’ll make sure you’re given the best care.

Dr. Anna Zeek

Dr. Ana Zeek, a Seattle native, received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Washington and her doctorate from Midwestern University Arizona College of Optometry. She completed internships at two surgical practices in Fairfax, Virginia and Prescott, Arizona, as well as at a local private practice. Since then, she has worked at private practices in Lacey and Renton.
Eye exam room at C Fast Optometry
Dr. Anna Zeek

Comprehensive Seattle Eye Exams

We’re careful about the words we choose when we describe what we do. As a result, when we say “comprehensive,” we mean it. Your eye exam should take your whole eye health into account, not just give you a quick prescription and send you on your way.

At C Fast Optometry, we’ll screen you for a variety of eye diseases using our advanced diagnostic technology. If we discover a potential issue, we’ll help you manage your treatment in a way that fits your lifestyle. And after we’ve provided an accurate vision prescription, we can help you put it to good use  — we’re fortunate to share our location with Eyes on Fremont, Seattle’s home for stylish, unique, independent eyewear.

No matter what path your care takes at C Fast, we’ll take the time needed to make sure it’s done right. You use your eyes every day — the least we can do is make sure that they’re as healthy as possible.

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Eye Exam at C Fast Optometry

How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

Depending on your age, vision prescription, and eye health, the time between your eye exams will vary. If you already wear corrective eyewear or you have a pre-existing eye condition, you should come in more frequently for visits, but regardless, it’s important to stay up to date with your eye health: many vision issues and eye conditions require early diagnosis and treatment to prevent vision loss.

At C Fast Optometry, we recommend an annual exam for all adults, and if you require ongoing treatment or your vision fluctuates often, we’ll discuss the best schedule for you moving forward.

Vision Issues That Require an Eye Exam

The most common reason patients decide to get an eye exam is to get a prescription for their refractive vision issues: nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. We look a little deeper, because we know that symptoms associated with eye diseases like dry eye syndrome, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), retinal issues, and glaucoma, often go overlooked or ignored. If you are experiencing any of the following, consider booking an appointment:

  • Decreased focus
  • Increased blurriness or cloudiness
  • Overly dry, watery, or red eyes
  • Ongoing/acute discomfort or pain in your eyes
  • Abnormal sensations in your eyes: grittiness, “foreign body”, pressure, or exhaustion
  • Unusual changes to your sight: floaters, halos around lights, double vision, or flashing lights in your peripheral vision
Patients eyes at C Fast Optometry

What Should I Expect During My
C Fast Optometry Eye Exam?

At the beginning of every eye exam, we take time to learn about the current state of your eyes — how your eyes have been feeling, what you’re experiencing with your vision, and anything that’s affecting your day-to-day. Using this in conjunction with your eye health history, we can understand and plan for your unique needs.

Even if you’re visiting us to update your prescription needs, you’ll get the full attention of one our Seattle eye doctor. It’s our job to ensure that if you’re wearing glasses or contacts, you’re wearing them with healthy eyes.

We have a variety of diagnostic technologies at our disposal to help with vision-saving early detection of a wide range of eye health conditions. All our tests are easy enough for you to do: most simply require you to look at specific things or keep your eyes open wide for a few moments, but they tell our optometrists a great deal about your eyes. And if you’re worried about that test where the eye doctor blows air suddenly into your eye, don’t worry — we have a tool that makes that uncomfortable air puff test totally unnecessary.

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