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Dr. Fast

Dr. Fast graduated in 2009 from the Illinois College of Optometry, where she enjoyed watching the Chicago Cubs play as often as possible when she wasn't learning about your eyes. Her undergraduate work was done at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a double major in Biology and Spanish. Although she's originally an Okie (Oklahoman), she moved to Seattle in June 2009, where she now lives with her husband and two children. In her free time, Dr. Fast likes to hike, dance, and contemplate a workout. Reviewers Say:

"I thought I could never wear contacts because of my really bad astigmatism.  But Christina(the optometrist) let me try out bunch of brands and now I've found one that fits! She's very precise with your prescription and even to the axises of your eyes..."

"I did not purchase glasses from Eyes on Fremont (yet) but had an eye exam in their in-house optometry department, C Fast Optometry. Let me tell you, this was the best! Everyone was so nice and Dr. Christina Fast is the woman to see! Anytime I enter any type of doctors office I forget that I am kind of an anxious weirdo and make bad jokes and ask a lot of weird questions and she totally made me feel less nuts. She was smart, helpful and made me feel at ease and honestly, the whole thing was kind of fun! I felt like she had my best interest in mind, checking and double checking to make sure that she found the most accurate prescription. When I told her my mom had glaucoma she made extra effort to check my pressure and see what was up, while explaining everything to me. 
This is also coming from someone with a lot of experience going to different doctors (with and without insurance). Currently, I do not have insurance and it was only $105. Very seriously, for those without insurance I recommend this place over Costco ($80 - worth the extra $25) by a landslide (won't bring you down) and for those with, I also recommend this place because it's really, really good.
You know, some might even say it's eyemazing."

"OMG not only is Dr. Christina Fast easy on the eyes but she and her beautiful sidekick fixed my eyes fast. Now I see beautifully and sharply. I'm an archer and former artist/photographer. Details really make my world go round and now I can see them. First she hooked me up with daily contacts. Love'em, though I do have to use eye drops because I have dry eyes.  Oh ya they took my insurance so my first 3 months of contacts were covered. Yay!"

"...Dr. Fast did a thorough job and provided one of the more thorough and comprehensive eye checks that I have received. Very business-like, and efficient"

"...(Dr. Fast) gave me a great exam and taught me a lot about my eyes as we went along (unlike the 4-second eye exam I got 2 years ago at Group Health where all I was given was a bill)."

"...She was above and beyond in service, answering my myriad of questions on topics ranging from detached retina to lasik surgery, and doing some extra above and beyond tests to make sure my prescription was right on ( I had problems in the past with other optometrists). Best eye exam to date." 

"Dr. Fast is awesome--easy to talk to during the exam, and happy to answer any questions that a curious patient such as myself might have."

"Dr. Fast is very personable, knows what the heck she is talking about, and would be happy to give you the breakdown, in plain English, of just what is going on with your eyes."

"I haven't had an eye appt since I was about 11, so I had to go through all the stops. She was very thorough and understanding. She told me I have a slight problem, but that I didn't NEED glasses, but she gave me a script anyways. She also helped diagnose my watery eyes problem. She was very patient and did a great job of explaining everything to me."